Sunday, 16 November 2014

10 Best Attractions in South Sulawesi

10 Best Attractions in South Sulawesi
Attractions in South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi province-which is rich in culture, consists of several large tribes such as bugis, makassar, toraja, mandar & besides rich culture and tribes, South sulawesi also has many tourist sites which can be visited by readers all over Indonesia wherever you are.
As For The Sights We Can Meet In South Sulawesi Are:
Balla Lompoa
Mulawarman are tourist sites include the House that holds many relics of the Kingdom of gowa and tallo-basically mulawarman at times used to be the administrative center of gowa-talla, todo in Mulawarman we can see a variety of relics from TODO gowa-tallo, Mulawarman is located in the District of Gowa see more 10 Best Attractions in South Sulawesi

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